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  • Grapfruit Lotion Bar - Awsome too.

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    C'est La Bee Grapefruit Lotion Bar   It's Back! A lotion bar with Babassu Oil and Mango Butter to moisturize and protect your skin.  Plus the scent of grapefruit and a blend of essential oils is delightful! 

    A lotion bar works by rubbing on skin.  Heat from your skin gently melts just enough to make your skin smooth.   Absorbs quickly.

    These bars are long lasting. Convenient tin makes it easy to keep in purse or drawer, for quick application.  

    Along with the benefits of beeswax, this babassu seed oil and mango butter are rich in anti-oxidants, are anti-ageing and will leave skin noticeably silky  and smooth.  A must for dry skin year round.