Large Pillar 3 x 5 inches


Hand poured, Pure beeswax pillar.

Measures aprox. 3 x 5 inches and will burn 50 + hours.  

This lovely candle will burn for many hours, giving off a bright flame and the sweet smell of beeswax. Beeswax candles burn clean, and actually clean the air by changing the electrical charge to negative. This causes dust, pollen and other particles to fall to the ground. Burn for three hours the first time. This primes the candle with a good wide burn circle and will utilize the beeswax most efficiently. Always burn on a fire resistant surface. Never leave lit candle unattended.

Keep wick trimmed for best results.   

Remember...when burning for the first time, burn for 3 hours, to allow the pool to go to the edge without going over. This will allow the candle to burn most efficiently and for maximum burn times for life of the candle.